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Mayfair 2010 – The morning after

I came back to Rosedale Park on the Sunday after Mayfair. The soccer nets were back out (and being well used!), and seagulls scavenged for the last crumbs from the day before. The big rides had driven off, the tents and canopies were all packed away. A mother watched her little girl tricycling around in the empty rink. The peaceful scene was in dramatic contrast to the sounds and sights of the day before…

Saturday, 8:45 a.m.: The drums of a marching band announced the two neighbourhood parades as they entered the park together. Children swarmed in, many wearing team jerseys and caps to celebrate this year’s theme, “Get in the Game!” The huge carnival rides were ready to go, lights flashing and sounds of motors, calliope music and “Step right up!”

Some of my impressions during the day

Bright-eyed ticket sellers, eagerly lining up by the early morning coffee and donuts, impatient to don aprons and get out on duty!

Hundreds of onlookers, watching and videoing the two-year-old sprint event at Track and Field, cheered on by Ben Johnson, who gave out the final trophies.

Student volunteers in the big row of Midway Games tents, acting like seasoned professionals as they kept the line-ups moving.

Three eight-year-old girls competing fiercely with big mallets at the Dog Pounder game, while their watching moms commented, “It’s so nice, they all win!”

Mid-morning at Wacky Hair and Face Painting, long, sunlit lineups of little girls waiting for their fashion “makeovers.”

A ten-year-old boy, appraising the Cannonball tower and telling his dad, “This is like the one at Wonderland!”

Marketplace cashiers cheerfully helping a customer, now the proud new owner of several serendipitous treasures, once much-loved and now finding a new home.

A teenage boy in the Fish Pond booth, gently coaching a little first-time customer and helping her to land the big one!

Around noon, a happy young Bingo winner, clutching his prize in the rink.

Half a dozen moms in the Baking Booth, reaching up to hold onto their canopy during a strong gust.

A ten year old, carefully eyeing all the prizes at the Prize Booth, finding the one he wanted, and painstakingly counting off his prize coupons, then dashing off quickly to earn the remaining points!

The most beautiful part of the day was around midmorning. Suddenly the clouds rolled away, blue sky was revealed, and sunlight bathed the park. Towards noon things got dark for a while, but in the afternoon we were spared the worst winds that hit elsewhere in the city… People stayed to enjoy the rides and the games through the afternoon, but it got colder, and my heart went out to the volunteers who kept the Beer Garden and the BBQ Food running right till the very end.

A thousand hands make light work!

The Mayfair Committee members send a big thank-you to Team Mooredale – Marj, Ryan, the lifeguards, Jeremy and his counselors, Steve, Carolyn and her staff, Joanna, Susan, Catherine, Jenn… Many were in the park, some were behind the scenes, but every one of them contributed to our success and they all pitched in with a good-hearted spirit that made me proud and happy.

Mayfair is a wonderful expression of community. I’ve heard from many of the hundreds of volunteers about how much you enjoy being part of this event. I promise you that we’ll be planning to have a really great time again in 2011.