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Mayfair in Space – May 14th at Rosedale Park

Mayfair in Rosedale Park - Mayfair in Space

Mayfair in Space - Illustration by Laurie Stein

 Mayfair is coming to Rosedale Park on May 14th, and it will be bigger and better than ever!

This year’s theme is “Mayfair in Space.” The carnival rides will be out of this world, and kids will be over the moon at our fabulous midway of games…  A-OK, we’ll try to restrain the space talk!

Rides, games and more fun

We’ll have a great collection of rides for the entire family from World’s Finest Shows. The history of this firm is the history of carnivals in much of Canada and the Midwest… have a look at this fascinating history of Patty Conklin, Jimmy Sullivan and the Jamieson family. This year, Worlds Finest Shows is bringing back one of their newest attractions, the towering Cannonball ride.

Ride-all-day bracelets will be on sale at Summerhill Market, 446 Summerhill Avenue, and Mooredale House, 146 Crescent Road. Advance sale dates are April 25th to May 11th. During these dates you’ll be able to purchase vouchers which get redeemed at the fair for the ride bracelets. These bracelets will provide all-day admission to the carnival rides at Mayfair.

The food court will serve its famous Mayfair burgers and hot dogs. You’ll play Bingo in the rink, across from the Mayfair Marketplace. The Beer Garden will offer Steam Whistle Brewing products until 6:00 p.m.

Prizes for best costumes

Your kids can wear their best space outfits in the twin Mayfair parades, which start out early on Saturday morning from Moorevale Park (8:15 a.m.) and Whitney Park (8:30 a.m.), converging on Rosedale Park at 9:00 a.m. Costume judging takes place as the parade enters the park! You’ll find the parade route map here

Mayfair is always a wonderful event, and if you have never made it before, try to get there this year. James and I would love to catch up with old friends, so if you don’t see us, just ask around the Baking Booth and someone will know where we are!

Parking is very tight near Rosedale Park, so unless you have a friend who will let you use their driveway, you might want to take the local bus out of the Rosedale subway station. Hope to see you there!


T dot O, one day in the life of Toronto

Each time I watch Kardinal Offishall’s video “The Anthem,” I notice a new neighbourhood scene or landmark in one of the split-second cuts. Not enough old people perhaps, but it’s a joyful celebration of Toronto’s diversity!

GTA Market Report – Feb. 15, 2011

GTA Monthly House Sales

The short black line in the chart above tells the story so far. Toronto house prices started 2011 at a respectable 4% higher than January, 2010. So far, early February results indicate a more dramatic increase in sale prices, in the range of 6% to 8% above last February’s values. In our survey of sales in central Toronto, about 40% of recent house sales went over the asking price.

The dotted line indicates my price projection for the year, which offers a baseline of typical market behaviour based on seasonal patterns. If the current enthusiastic buying continues till the end of February, it would seem that most of the year’s increase will have been achieved by then.

In fact, many agents are reporting a lack of listing supply at this time; a number of recent central area listings have sold with five, seven, or more offers. Clearly, more listings will come out on the next three or four months. Depending on how they are priced, these homes will sell quickly to the current group of buyers.

Mortgage rules

News analysts are connecting the current surge in sales with the recently announced tightening of mortgage rules. In fact, these rules are likely to affect only a small minority of borrowers (see our earlier post.) A large number of today’s qualified buyers are determined to act prudently, and are setting price limits for themselves that are lower than what lenders are willing to provide.

The real cause of the current rash of bidding wars in central Toronto is the shortage of homes to buy. This should be a signal to homeowners who are thinking of selling. The early bird may indeed catch the worm!

Minus 20 in Moorevale Park…

… but the housing market is hot, especially in central Toronto. Sale prices in early February are outstripping our projections. Joanne explains why it’s happening now, and what you can do about it.

Mayfair in Rosedale Park – May 14th

Standing in Rosedale Park this weekend, I found it hard to believe that Mayfair is coming up so soon.  As even more snow started to fall, I did the math again… yup, less than three and a half months till May 14th. Here’s my preview of what to expect at this year’s “Mayfair in Space”…

200 Years, 200 Countries: A semester packed into a four-minute video

New ways to understand complex information… that’s the easy way to explain the phenomenal success of Swedish statistician Hans Rosling. He’s established a foundation in Stockholm to promote understanding of world development isssues.  His recent four-minute video for BBC has gone viral, with over 1 million views per month. If you would like to explore more of Professor Rosling’s work, visit his website Gapminder. His goal is to produce videos and flash media which make dry facts come alive.