Monthly Archives: December 2011

Toronto Tempo – a time-lapse vision of Toronto

This is a dazzling timelapse video of some familiar Toronto scenes. Ryan Emond’s work is painstaking and truly remarkable. Watch it in full-screen and HD if you can!


What’s your favourite place in Toronto?

Ryerson film student Adam Bischoff directed this affectionate look at Toronto places that hold a special place in people’s hearts. The assignment was to produce a short documentary that would address the phrase, “I live here.” Great work by Adam and the entire crew!

Toronto’s skyline is changing

Architecture critic Christopher Hume shows how the skyline in Toronto’s downtown core will change over the next few years. The big surprise is the return of major new office tower development in the waterfront areas that have been defined so far by condos alone.

Christmas spirit – alive in TO

This delightful version of “Last Christmas” was performed by Choir! Choir! Choir! recently in downtown Toronto, at their regular College Street venue, No One Writes to the Colonel. It was recorded by videographer Amanda Lowe. The smiles are pure gold!