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Toronto meets Sao Paulo

Falling Androids dance video in Kensington Market

The warm colours and sensuous rhythms will make you forget the bleak Toronto midwinter. This lovely video was shot – in one take – in a downtown Toronto laneway for for the single “Let You Shine,”on the Falling Androids LP.

The magical back alley sculpture was created by Urban Trash Art, a collective led by artists Cleber Padovani and Rodrigo Machado and brought to Toronto last summer by Whippersnapper. You can download the full Falling Androids album here.


GTA Market Update – January 23, 2012

Toronto monthly home sales (projected for 2012)

How Toronto home prices might look in 2012

It’s early days yet, in what we real estate agents like to call “the spring market.” Still, a few weeks of January sales can give us a starting point for the year.

The chart above projects what a “typical” year of home sales might look like, based on historical patterns. Seasonal activity usually produces a higher number of sales in the spring and fall months. As it happens, the highest average prices usually occur at the same times, when the greatest number of homes are available.

As we go on through 2012, we’ll update our chart with actual monthly sale prices, and you’ll be able to compare these with the “projected” values.

If you’re interested in what prices are like where you live, we can provide some information that specifically reflects your kind of home, and your neighbourhood. Call us at 416-483-8000, or send us a message here.

Time-Lapse Toronto condo builders


This time-lapse video of a new condo under construction in Toronto may remind you of Playmobil toys… but those are real machines and real workers, unfurling plans and putting up rebar! Very nice piece by Toronto film maker Fayeque Rahman: watch it in fullscreen mode. And check out more of his work.

Leslieville reno a real treat to list

Sometimes we get a real sense of pleasure bringing out a new listing… when everything just seems right. This weekend, we’ll be doing Open Houses at 33 Redwood Avenue, and this is one of those “real treat” homes.

Redwood Avenue is just one block, running north from Gerrard, east of Greenwood, lined by tall mature trees. The house is one of the oldest on the street, with high ceilings and a simple, farm house appearance.

The current owners have done extensive renovations and upgrades since 2006, always keeping in mind the unique feeling of the house. The result is a relaxed, urban style – a balance of contemporary design with the architecture of an older house.

To find out more about this delightful family home and the surrounding neighbourhood, please visit our listing web site.

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