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Toronto’s legacy towers

Jane Jacobs was not a believer. She was confident that the futuristic suburban developments of the 1960s and 70s would not produce the kind of connected neighbourhoods she advocated.

Decades later, the concrete slabs have not done well. “Tower renewal” has become the watchword for a branch of urbanism that is trying to grapple with the problems of Toronto’s inner-suburban highrise apartments. “Powers of Towers” is a beautifully-shot 12-minute documentary that profiles some of the best minds currently trying to turn these legacy projects into livable communities.


Planet Toronto


Here’s a fascinating new video from Ryan Emond. He showcases the diversity of the Toronto cityscape, with some dramatic angles you won’t have seen before.

Some of the classic landmarks are here, and there’s some great nighttime video taken during Nuit Blanche. Enjoy!

Remember those pianos this summer?

Toronto’s electric soul

Toronto band Falling Androids took advantage of the Street Pianos installed across Toronto this summer. Their latest video was shot entirely at piano-friendly locations across TO, including the island ferry.

Great music, guys! You can find more of their songs here.

This song’s for you

In front of the steps at Toronto’s Old City Hall, an unsuspecting passer-by is offered a gift of music. “Like a personalized song? It’s free.” The occasion was “Best Busker Ever,” an event nicely organized by Improv in Toronto, the folks who bring you those pillow fights and “no pants” subway riders!

Lots of fun here, and congrats to “creative director” Cole Banning.

Toronto meets Sao Paulo

Falling Androids dance video in Kensington Market

The warm colours and sensuous rhythms will make you forget the bleak Toronto midwinter. This lovely video was shot – in one take – in a downtown Toronto laneway for for the single “Let You Shine,”on the Falling Androids LP.

The magical back alley sculpture was created by Urban Trash Art, a collective led by artists Cleber Padovani and Rodrigo Machado and brought to Toronto last summer by Whippersnapper. You can download the full Falling Androids album here.

Time-Lapse Toronto condo builders


This time-lapse video of a new condo under construction in Toronto may remind you of Playmobil toys… but those are real machines and real workers, unfurling plans and putting up rebar! Very nice piece by Toronto film maker Fayeque Rahman: watch it in fullscreen mode. And check out more of his work.

Toronto Tempo – a time-lapse vision of Toronto

This is a dazzling timelapse video of some familiar Toronto scenes. Ryan Emond’s work is painstaking and truly remarkable. Watch it in full-screen and HD if you can!