Joanne Pauli Mayfair Chair

Joanne Pauli

Mayfair 2018 will be on Saturday, May 12th in Rosedale Park. After nine years as Chair of the event, I’ve handed over the hard word to the very talented Bill Deacon and a strong volunteer Committee. This year my plan is to enjoy a great event, and hopefully get to spend time chatting with many of you!


Also, don’t miss the “Mayfair’s Eve Preview.” From 5:00 to 9:00 pm on Friday evening May 11th, plan to bring the family to the park, enjoy the rides, and stay for dinner and a drink. There’ll be a great band, Governor Douglas, playing in the Beer Garden, and it’ll be a fun time to meet up with old friends.

Birthday cake for Canada's 150th!


This is the 73rd annual Mayfair, and it certainly has grown since the first one in 1946. We’ve got great bands on the main stage, with Old Man Flanagan’s Ghost returning to perform on Saturday. We’ll have lots of rides, lots of midway games, and tons of fun. The layout we worked out with Worlds Finest Shows lets us get some of their really big rides into Rosedale Park, without putting heavy machinery onto the soccer pitch. Ride-all-Day passes will be on sale at Summerhill Market until May 9th.


We’re looking forward to a really successful Beer Garden with our friends at Steam Whistle Brewing. And our BBQ crew will have an enhanced “food court” for their Webers burgers, Greenfield all-natural hot dogs, great condiments from Neal Brothers, and other delights.


I know the day will be a big success… It’s the result of hundreds of volunteers joining to put on a fun party for the entire community. The proceeds go to Mooredale House, which plays such a big role in the lives of kids and adults in the area.


Mayfair is a wonderful event, and if you have never made it before, try to get there this year. James and I would love to catch up with old friends, so if you don’t see us, just ask around the tennis clubhouse and someone will know where we are!