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sage-logo-2016We’re proud to be part of Sage Real Estate, our real estate brokerage in Toronto. Sage is well-known in the industry as an outstanding boutique brokerage that combines cutting-edge technology and rock-solid professionalism.

Our “Sage approach” is that each and every listing deserves and receives a full spectrum of marketing exposure, starting from meticulous preparation of the listing and showing materials, and stretching all the way to an extensive digital outreach, including a dedicated web site for each property and a full range of social media strategies, including (but not limited to) social media ad campaigns on Google, YouTube, and Facebook… Our goal is to provide service unequalled in the industry, to ensure that every client receives the maximum added value from our relationship.

The need for change

This independently owned and operated firm was founded in 1994 by broker Larry Sage, originally as part of the Sutton Group family of franchises. We had the distinct honour to be Larry’s first two sales representatives that year. Sage Real Estate now has over 90 Realtors. The brokerage has fulfilled Larry’s (and our) vision, to be one of the very finest and most respected real estate firms in the Toronto area.  Our core values have always been integrity and customer service.

In 2017, we all know that business models don’t last forever. That’s why we at Sage Real Estate have moved beyond the franchise model of branding, which made good sense in the past. As Realtors, we’ve always been very hands-on in our approach to customer service. That key relationship between agent and client is always at the core of our business. The change we’ve made at Sage Real Estate is to adopt a fully-integrated team approach to marketing.

We couldn’t be doing this without a terrific support team.  We have a department of dedicated marketing and design specialists led by brokerage VP Brad Sage (yes, Larry’s son, and someone who’s really savvy about digital media.) We have a experienced customer service staff led by our Administrator, Gaby Goodwin. And we have a terrific group of colleagues… our fellow Realtors at Sage Real Estate, with whom we consult regularly on each other’s listings.

The bottom line

It’s still about the relationship: We provide our skills and experience, and our clients trust us to guide them to an optimal outcome. Today, at Sage Real Estate, we can confidently promise our clients that their listings will receive the best and most complete marketing exposure available. We don’t compromise on quality.

You’ll always get insightful and considered advice from us. You can send us an email here, or call us at our Sage Real Estate office in Toronto (tel. 416-483-8000). Why not “like” our Facebook page, and check out our profiles on LinkedIn (see the buttons on the right). Let’s talk soon!

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